Isn't It Obvious?
Holy mother of Ken, Kouji and Kouichi!! If you had the patience to read them all, you'd be here all day!

First, Kouichi's 5 Rules and Regulations!!

1. I have decided that us three triplets will have light blue as our font.
2. Everyone else will have their font color depending on the color of their shirt.
3. Junpei is not permitted on this site unless he is publically humiliated.
4. All sets of stairs are to be clearly marked with protective barriers.
5. This is my site. I am God.

Reasons Why We Are Triplets!!- Clickable!!
A Band To Replace the Band That Replaced the Teenage Wolves!!
Kouichi VS Junpei!!
Ken the Vampire Slayer With New Recruits!!
Kouji's Forbidden Dance Club!!
Ken the Cannibal!!
Kouichi's Digimon Fun Palace!!
Kouichi Maguire: Get Inside His Head!
Super Mario Triplets!!
Cooking with Kouichi, Ken and Kouji!!
Triplets Hanten!!
Cooking with Kouichi, Ken and Kouji...AGAIN!!
HELP!! Kouji's Turned Into a Girl! YOU can help! Or hurt...
The Ongoing Battle with Junpei!!
The Kouji and Ken Prodigious Page of FUN!!
No Trespassing in Ken's Garden!!
Kouji is NOT a Porn Freak!!
The Mystery of KEN!!
The *Revised* Twelve Things On Digimon!!
The Triplets Talkshow
Kouichi's Sexy Makeover
Kouji Dooby Doo
Ken: I am so morally opposed to having to change my font color.

Kouji: Kouichi, you are of course aware that only one of these pages are clickable.

Kouichi: Oh Kouji! So you want to go to my pages?!

Kouji: I'm just a little curious about a few of these. 'Kouji's Forbidden Dance Club'? 'Kouji is NOT a Porn Freak'? And what's all this about me turning into a girl?

Kouichi: It's funny! GET IT?!

Kouji: ...Funny? *pulls out a dictionary*

Ken: I am still morally opposed. *he pauses* Wait, I am morally opposed to this entire site. I am so NOT your triplet!

Kouichi: Once I make the reasons page, you'll see that you are.

Ken: You can't just DECIDE this!!

Kouichi: Ken, Kouichi's 5 Rules and Regulations: Rule 5: "This is my site. I am God."

Ken: *grumble grumble*