Isn't it Obvious? The Triplethood of Ken, Kouji and Kouichi!! The Triplethood of Ken, Kouji and Kouichi!!

"ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?- THE TRIPLETHOOD OF KEN, KOUJI AND KOUICHI" has been up and running since January 2003!!

Here on The Triplethood of Ken, Kouji and Kouichi, we celebrate our birthdays all year long even though we have the same birthdays since we're triplets and all.

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This site just opened!! I'm your helpful editor, Kouichi, with the help of my brothers! I LOVE them! Go HERE to get to our Stuff Page and view all the Ken, Kouji and Kouichi triplet goodness!!

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Quote of the Um...Amount of Time: "We love our brother, Kouichi, and we love each other too!!"- Ken and Kouji
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