The Wings of Love
TK + Halsemon
TK AND HALSEMON?! WHAT THE HELL?! Where'd THAT come from!? Well, read this excerpt from a story that we found and then you'll see the light!!

And as Halsemon TEMPEST WINGED the bad guy, Takeru smiled and dreamed of the day when he and Halsemon would be together. After the bad guy was dead, Halsemon floated down and landed close to Takeru where they rejoiced. Before everyone realized what happened, Takeru and Halsemon fell in love.
Just as their lips were about to come in contact…they both exploded.

Of course, we edited it slightly so that it was shorter and so that it was better. WHAT?! NO!! It's not MY story!! I didn't write that!! LIAR!! I would NEVER write something like this!! This is just ridiculous!! *ahem* Continuing...

So anyway. You're probably saying, "NO!! TK and Halsemon barely even LOOK at each other!! What makes you think they share romantic interest?!" Well of COURSE not you silly neener head! You never see them loving each other in 02. But what about 01? Maybe THAT'S when TK was putting the moves on Halsemon. Ever thought of THAT?! Maybe it was that void BETWEEN the two seasons.

Still not convinced? Well, here's the story...

TK was AWFULLY upset that Kari decided to be with Yolei as opposed to HIM. He asked her why and her response was, "Oh TK, you couldn't POSSIBLY understand, being a boy and all."

This left TK heartbroken and desperate for love. He tried consulting his brothers but Matt was too busy trying to get rid of Sora and Izzy had Mimi so that only made TK feel worse.

Well, one day, Yolei was over Kari's house and Hawkmon, being a guy, just didn't feel right so he stayed behind. That was where TK found him wondering the streets of Loredo.

From there, they decided that it would be a good opporatunity to go do something together.

So then TK and Hawkmon went to Water Country and had loads of fun!! Then they went to Chuck E. Cheese's and had even MORE fun. And then they...what? What do you MEAN this doesn't sound realistic?! Hey! I just tell it like it is!

This was all well and good two guys who wanted to go out and have BARRELS of fun. Because that's all they were doing. There was nothing between them except a now strong relationship.

Soon, the night was ending and they wanted to go out to dinner to finish with a bang. But when they realized that Morialli's was on the other side of town, they needed a ride. Who better to give a ride then Halsemon?!

The moment Halsemon armor Digivolved with the Digi-egg of Love, TK was head over heels for him.

After that, they decided to go to a Karaoke at this hip place called "Do Karaoke Here Because Gomamon Digivolves to Ikkakumon!"

So TK went first and sang, "Halsemon your my angel, you're my darling angel! Closer than my hat you are to me! Baby! Halsemon you're my angel, you're my darling angel! Halsemon you're my Digimon and I believe...BABY!!"

Meanwhile, Halsemon was swooning over every word and practically fainted. Whereas Angemon, who had followed them, was getting annoyed because not only was HE TK's Digimon but he was also TK's ANGEL!! He got all offended and stormed out to run away with Angewomon.

Then TK and Halsemon...what? You've heard enough?! HOW DARE YOU!! I'm telling you a story and you say you've heard ENOUGH!! FINE!! Go do something ELSE!! Go to the Jyou page because that's all I'm letting you do.