Rugged Camping Men=

As the leader of the Digidestined, of COURSE he would be one of the Rugged Camping Men. And because he's the leader of the Digidestined and he's not one of the NEW Digidestined, he HAS to be SOMEWHERE!! Unlike Mimi, Joe and Sora who have just kind of disappeared off the face of the earth. (OH WELL! NO LOSS THERE!!)

Course Matt's a Rugged Camping Man!! His dad is the guy who takes them camping! Also, like Tai, he has to be SOMEWHERE since he's not a new Digidestined like his little brother.

Izzy is in the Rugged Camping Men for no particular reason. I mean, out of all the original Digidestined, he shows the most. Even more than Tai. Why he feels he has to be in ANOTHER group...is beyond me. He's also a lot younger than the other two.

TK: How does it help us if we're fighting the Digimon Emporer while you're roasting marshmallows?!

Tai: It's simple. We'll tell all our parents that we're going camping but if they call the camp grounds and no one's there we'll get in trouble. So the older kids will go camping for real and cover you.

Matt: Great idea Tai! Plus we get to go camping!

Tai: Tough job but someone's got to do it.

Door: *knock knock*

Izzy: Uh...come in?

Izzy's "Mom": Oh. You're home. Hel-LO!!

Izzy: Hi there mom...

Everyone: Hello Mrs. Izumi!

Izzy's "Mom": Hi kids! What are you doing inside on such a nice day?

Izzy: Well...we were discussing going on a CAMPING trip for our next vacation.

Izzy's "Mom": Oh, that sounds like fun! But...you're going to need a chaperone, who's the adult that's going with you?

Izzy: Uh....

Matt: Don't worry! My dad will go with us! He LOVES traveling the world!!

Tai: Are you sure?

Matt: No but it sounded good!

Matt's Dad: What?! You want me to go CAMPING with you?!

Matt: Please Dad, I already promised the others you would do it! Just think of it, being out in the wilderness among all the snakes and the wolves and the grizzly bears! It'll be really fun!!

Matt's Dad: *Uncomfortable noises*

TK: Hey Dad...tell us again about the time you were chased by a grizzly bear!

Matt's Dad: Don't you kids have homework?!

Yolei: YA!! YA!! *continues*

Izzy: Hey Yolei, save some for the Digimon Emporer!!

Yolei: Left, right, left, right and halt!

TK: Sir, yes sir!

Matt: You've got a lot to learn about women, TK.

Tai: Be safe.

Kari: Right.

Yolei: All right! Time to go!! Let the battle begin!!! DIGIPORT OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! YE-HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt's Dad: Are you rugged camping men ready go?!

Tai: Yup, thanks for taking us.

Izzy: Yeah.

Matt's Dad: Welp, I guess we should get going.

Matt: Right.

Jun: Hi there Matt! I'm ready!!

Rugged Camping Men and Matt's Dad: Huh?

Tai: Isn't that Davis's sister? What's she doing here?

Matt: I have no idea.

Tai: Well see what you can do to get rid of her, okay?

Matt: Right. Hey Jun...what's going on?

Jun: I thought this camping trip would be a perfect romantic get away for us.

Matt: Oh...I see.

Izzy: Lucky Matt, girls much chase him ALL day!

Tai: I know exactly how he feels.

Jun: By the way, where are Davis and the others?

Matt: Oh...those guys...they went ahead of us in another car...a friend of my dad has a really big mini-van.

Izzy and Tai: *Giggle*

Jun: Hm...where do I sit?

Matt: Uh...first I have a present for you!

Jun: Huh?! ME?!

Matt: Yeah but it's in the car and I didn't get a chance to wrap it so close your eyes and count to ten and I'll be RIGHT back with your present, okay!

Jun: Okay Matt! One! Two! Three! *continues in background*

Matt: Okay, Dad. Step on it.

Matt's Dad: You wanna...leave her here?

Matt: Yup.

Matt's Dad: You've got a lot to learn about women, Matt.

Matt: Hm...where have I heard THAT before?


This picture was drawn for us by: Angylsurfr