Favorite Digidestined:
Izzy- 16
Ken- 15
Matt- 14
Rika- 11
TK- 8
Cody- 7
Kari- 5
Mimi- 5
Henry- 4
Jyou- 4
Tai- 3
Takato- 2
Davis- 2
Yolei- 2
Willard- 2
Sora- 0

This somewhat surprised me. I thought everyone loved Matt! How strange. Izzy getting all these votes? And Bwa ha ha ha to Sora with ZERO votes! And what's with Rika being number 4?! Rika is a knave!!

Least favorite Digidestined:
Sora- 30
Jyou- 14
Kari- 11
Yolei- 10
Rika- 6
Davis- 4
Tai- 4
Cody- 3
Henry- 2
Random Other One- 2
Mimi- 2
Matt- 1
Izzy- 1
TK- 0
Ken- 0
Takato- 0

There was no surprise here. I knew this was coming. I knew it would be Sora, Kari and Jyou all the way but I was actually expecting Davis to be there too...what's with Yolei? I never knew people hated Yolei...

Which 01 straight Digimon couple is the best?
Tai/Sora- 35
Izzy/Mimi- 16
Jyou/Sora- 6
Matt/Sora- 6
Matt/Mimi- 6
Jyou/Mimi- 5
TK/Kari- 3
Jyou/Kari- 3
TK/Sora- 1
Tai/Mimi- 0
Matt/Kari- 0
Izzy/Sora- 0
Izzy/Kari- 0
TK/Mimi- 0

Sigh! We should have left out the Tai and Sora one since that one was obvious. What's with Jyou and Kari though?

Which 02 straight Digimon couple is the best?
TK/Kari- 33
Ken/Yolei- 17
Davis/Yolei- 17
Cody/Kari- 5
Davis/Kari- 5
TK/Yolei- 2
Ken/Kari- 1
Cody/Yolei- 1

We should have left out the TK and Kari one too.

Which 01 non straight Digimon couple is the best?
Tai/Matt- 33
Kari/Mimi- 12
Matt/Jyou- 8
Tai/Jyou- 6
Tai/Izzy- 6
Sora/Kari- 6
TK/Jyou- 4
Izzy/Jyou- 2
Sora/Mimi- 2
Izzy/TK- 2
Tai/TK- 0
Matt/Izzy- 0

And the Tai and Matt one...but I don't understand why Matt and Jyou have so many votes!! Do they even ever TALK to each other?!

Which 02 non straight Digimon couple is the best?
Davis/Ken- 28
Yolei/Kari- 21
Davis/TK- 11
TK/Ken- 10
Ken/Cody- 6
Davis/Cody- 5
TK/Cody- 0

Huh? Why don't TK and Cody have any votes? Aren't they DNA Digivolve partners? That's what I thought! I thought they'd be way up there with Davis and Ken...apparently not...

Best non-Digimon anime couple:
Sakura/Li- 4
Ash/Misty- 4
Nabiki/Genma- 3
Old Gohan/Videl- 3
Pan/Trunks- 3
Serena/Darien- 2
Goku/ChiChi- 2
Vegeta/Bulma- 2
Ryoga/Akane- 1
Miaka/Tamahome- 1
Asuka/Touji- 1
James/Misty- 1
Mousse/Shampoo- 1
Eriol/Tomoyo- 1
Ryoga/Ukyo- 1
Ryoko/Tenchi Muyo- 1
Li/Li's Male Friend- 1
Goku/Piccolo- 1
Satoshi/Kasumi- 1

I like this poll. THREE Nabiki and Genma votes? P. |

Since Sora was such a butt to Tai, and she WANTS Matt, who should she should have INSTEAD?
Jyou- 33
Cody- 21
Izzy- 10
Davis- 10
TK- 5

Do any Digimon actually love each other?
It depends!- 39
No- 23
Yes- 17

Who, besides any Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT character, should turn into a Super Saiyan?
Tai- 8
Mousse- 3
Matt- 3
Izzy- 2
Ranma- 2
Takato- 2
Heero- 1
Tuxedo Mask/Darien- 1
Touma- 1
Gabumon- 1
Willard- 1
TK- 1
Kari- 1
Ryo-Ohki- 1
Madison- 1
Wormmon- 1
Davis- 1
"Yu-gi-oh make his hair one damn color"- 1
Jyou- 1
Zim- 1

Why do people vote for people who are ALREADY blond? Super Saiyans turn their hair blond...otherwise, they wouldn't look any different.

Who does Derek Steven Prince do the best job voicing?
Ken- 53
Forms of Veemon- 21
Demidevimon- 5

Who, of the following, should die?
Sora- 32
Michael- 20
Myotismon- 11
Kari- 9
Jyou- 7

Who has the dumbest voice?
English Michael- 41
Adult English Izzy- 21
English Cody- 14
Japanese Agumon- 13
Japanese Tai- 5
Japanese Mimi's Son- 3

Come on!! Michael's voice is stupid but what about Japanese Agumon and Japanese Tai?! They're little freaks!! And they sound REALLY dumb when they sing a song together!!

Out of the originals, who doesn't show enough in 02?
Mimi- 21
Matt- 17
Jyou- 13
Tai- 12
Izzy- 10
Sora- 6

Who do you think got married first?
Yolei and Ken- 37
Matt and Sora- 28
Mimi- 5
Davis- 2
Izzy- 2
Jyou- 2
Kari- 1
Tai- 0
Cody- 0
TK- 0

I don't understand why everyone votes for Matt/Sora and Ken/Yolei. Is it just because they married EACH OTHER or did it just strangely work out that way?

Is Tai going to kill Sora someday?
Yes- 58
No- 17

Is Adult Sora secretly having an affair with Adult Jyou?
Yes- 45
Unsure- 16
No- 13

Was that just ONE to many questions about the hated one?
Yes- 43
No- 26
Unsure- 10

Which Digimon character would you like to see in a bathing suit?
Matt- 14
Izzy- 10
Mimi- 10
TK- 8
Ken- 7
Jyou- 6
Yolei- 5
Davis- 4
Tai- 3
Cody- 2
Kari- 2
Henry- 2
Sora- 0

We've seen Davis, Yolei, Cody and Mimi in bathing suits already. We saw 01 TK in his boxers, Tai in his underwear, Izzy in his boxers and Sora in her little undies so they all count as bathing suits. And the only people we haven't seen are Matt, Ken, Jyou and Kari. WE WEREN'T INCLUDING 03!!! GRRRRR!!

When creating the most ultimate Digimon character, most people used Matt and some other random Digidestined and Digimon. They used Matt for many different reasons such as "He's hot" and "His rebellious attitude" and "He's so cool" and all that other kind of stuff.

When responding to the question on whether Cody and Yolei cared about Terriermon being able to armor Digivolve when Armadillomon and Hawkmon couldn't, most people said "No, they're too stupid to care" or "No, they were little kids so they didn't even notice". Hm...

Most people kill people who like Pokemon in some kind of horrible way...

And the killing becomes more horrible when the person reveals that he thinks that Digimon is a copy of Pokemon...

Usually, the tramatizing dreams include something about Sora and her overly large butt. How come so many people are tramatized by Sora's overly large butt? It's just a butt!! And a lot of people also say that the ending to 02 was tramatizing for the following reasons: 1) Matt and Sora got married 2) Matt was an astronaut (hm...more Matt)