You Never Know

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Okay, that's enough exclaimation points. Guess what's happened...AGAIN?! Go on! GUESS!! I know you can do it! THAT'S RIGHT!!! All of our pictures were deleted again. The sad part is, though, we can't reupload them because we have a new computer and all of our OLD pictures are on our OLD computer meaning that we'll have to SEND all the pictures to ourselves from our old computer and then upload them!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I guess the only sites we can ever rely on are... um... Freeservers and...Japanese Geocities. Alas.

We've decided to put the pictures back up since some of the pictures work on those pages. We are on the process of getting them back up but for now, you can look at these pictures that DO exist because I took the liberty of cleaning up all the pictures pages so now all the pictures SHOULD work. There just isn't as much as before but at least there SHOULD be no broken links!! YAY!!!

Digimon Frontier Preview
Humorous Pictures
Baby Pictures
Doujinshi Scans