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This is where we put all of our rants about various characters.

Tai's Goggles. Need I say more?
Matt's Got Some Teenage Angst.
Why Sora Is Useless And Not Needed!!
Why Prodigious?!
The Mysteries of Mimi
Joe the Neglected Frog
Just Another Page About Jyou
TK's Hat: The Anger Vent
The Other Digidestined Speak Out About Kari
Yolei's Crushes
What the Hell is Cody?!?!
Is Ken Very Original?
Kouji's Page!! BEFORE Davis'!
Michael Is A Knave
The Insignificant Digidestined
Warning: LOTS of stereotypes, nothing meant to be offensive so take nothing seriously as you should act on the rest of our site!!
Who here DOESN'T mind Jun?
Digidestined and Digimon Profiles
I Don't Like Agumon Because He's Old and Has a Big Eye.
Gabumon = Crispy Banana
Biyomon Annoys Me. Leave It At That.
My Little Page of Patamon Hatred