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After two whole years, we're sorry to say that we will no longer be updating this site. I think our interest with Digimon ended at around the end of 02 and we've just been in denial this whole time. We will leave the site up forever because there's really no reason to take it down. Feel free to use anything you want as long as proper credit is given...and...that's it. We love you all. Especially devoted people who came to our site every single day expecting there to be an update but only to be disappointed every single time since we haven't updated in two months. To those people we leave a million dollars. It's a good thing there aren't a lot of those people because 1) that would be really pathetic and 2) we certainly don't have that kind of money. So, once and for all, The Brotherhood of Matt and Izzy has officially STOPPED updating!! LOVE YA!! *smooch*

This site is MOSTLY dedicated to the brotherhood of Matt and Izzy!! (Maybe not) I know, I know, Matt and Izzy aren't brothers but after watching the show and practically memorizing each episode, I've got some doubts. I mean...WHY NOT?! Even though they SEEM to the be the most unlikely...when you REALLY think about it...I don't know!! Right away you think, "YAOI PAGE!!" but it's not. There will be no pictures of them kissing or feeling each other because brothers don't do that...unless they're strange. NOW ONWARD!!!

Questions? Comments? Notise tipo grafic e\rors? Want to submit something? Want to pretend as though we actually ARE Izzy and Matt? (Yes, we WILL play along.) THEN E-MAIL US YOU CRAZY BLUE MONKEY!!

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Check out our subsite!! You SHOULD Know- The NON Brotherhood of Mousse and Ryoga!! (In case you're a little slow, it's a Ranma 1/2 site)
Road Trip Across the USA--It's our longest story in the entire world. (It's an Inu-Yasha one.)
Quote For The Rest of Time: "Gomamon Digivolve to...IKKAKUMON!!!"- If you don't know by now, you will never know.
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PLEASE don't sign Izzy OR Matt's guestbook with an unreadable message by Sir Seimu. It pisses us off so incredibly much and we can TELL when it's not really him because it's UNREADABLE!!! So now we're going to get entires by 'Sir Seimu' that are SEMI-READABLE next. On another word, all nonsense entries must stop too. From now on, those will be deleted so you will have wasted YOUR time!! BWA HA HA!! Now stop it before we sick our rabid brother named Candle on everyone.

If you are guest number 45000...GOOD FOR YOU!!! You have our eternal blessing as your parents. *plays green tamborine*

Little "disclaimer": Yes, we DO own Digimon! We own all the kids and their silly little monsters! We keep them in tiny cages over our thrones and whip them when they are obstreperous.

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Do you think Izzy and Matt are brothers??

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Steal anything from our site and you will SURELY perish!! Cody will make SURE of that! Though, if you ask us NICELY and LINK to us then we MIGHT say yes...otherwise...Cody will have to take DRASTIC measures!!