Kari loves Yolei and Yolei loves Kari!!
I don't usually do something like this but I decided to do it ANYWAY because it was just so THERE and it made me say ARGH!!

What are our reasons for thinking that Kari and Yolei love each other? SIMPLE!!! We'll take it one episode at a time.

The first one I can think of is in that accursed epsiode "His Master's Voice" when Kari is about to be sucked into the Dark Ocean place. When she's sitting at her stupid little desk and there's an ocean around her she says:


Don't you think it's a LITTLE strange that she calls for Yolei BEFORE she calls for her brother? Doesn't she have some kind of ever lasting bond with her brother Tai? And she calls for Yolei BEFORE she calls for Tai. UM!!

The next obvious one is just about everything that they say and do in the episode when Silphymon first comes. Some of the things they do are just somewhat sickening. Before I even say anything, I'll just tell you that the episode is called "Opposites Attract". Ahem.

First of all, the first thing that Kari says to Yolei is "That clearing back there looked like a good place to start looking. Come on Yolei." Or something to that extent.


Then just before Silphymon comes in, Yolei slaps Kari and Kari honks. People only HONK when people that they love are around them!! (Okay, I made that up but don't argue with me or I will be forced to magically kill you over the internet.)

THEN Yolei goes even further in saying "It's beautiful, just like you!" Kari doesn't even make a weird face at Yolei and neither does Gatomon! She just smiles and says "YEAH!!"

Then they go even further than that and hold hands for who knows how long. Now that is just distrubing.

The next episode in which Cody is suspsious of TK because TK is kind of acting like a weirdo...

The first thing that they do is...Kari falls over on the bridge. Yolei catches her but I admit it wasn't all that bad. But then...THEN they walk away. They walk away...HOLDING HANDS!! HOLDING HANDS!!! THEY WALK AWAY SMILING AND LOOKING CONTENT AND HOLDING HANDS!! It's not like Yolei continues to hold Kari's elbow after she helps her up but they actually stand up and grab each other's hands. And then walk away looking very happy.

In the episode "Run Yolei, Run!", Hawkmon is down for the count and Yolei wishes to stay with him. And Kari wishes to stay with Yolei.

They're the only girls! They've got to have SOME bondage!! And Yolei's Digimon is a GUY so Yolei doesn't have any female compainionship! No guys like her so she's getting anxious!!

Hm...I WONDER why Kari and Yolei are sharing the same portion of the screen? Forshadowing of the DNA Digivolutions? I THINK NOT!! I mean, Kari COULD have been with TK or Davis! And Yolei COULD have been with Cody! But...it's Kari and Yolei? WHY?! They were standing next to each other, THAT'S why! And WHY could they be standing next to each other all the time other than the fact that they LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!

These are just some of the reasons in which we think that Kari and Yolei just love each other.

And thanks to Toria, here's some MORE evidence!!

In 'Enter Flamedramon', Yolei's hand is behind Kari's ars when Izzy is talkng about how he played Trigometry Trivia last night and drained the battery on his D-Terminal. Also, in 'The Digi-Team Complete' right at the beginning of the episode, Kari is hugging Yolei affectionately.

Thank you to TKs Patamon S02 for this wonderful reason!

In the third Digimon movie, when Kari and TK appear with Angemon and Angewomon, Yolei yells "KARI!!" but she doesn't yell "TK!!" or anything to THAT extent.

In "20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea", when they get locked down in that oil rig thing, in the backround kari is in yolie's arms being comforted all too affectionally. This reason came straight from Annika!! YAY!!
I support Kari and Yolei...do you?