After a short while, we both came to the conclusion that every time we see Jyou, it makes us laugh in his face.

1. His name.
First of all, it's JYOU!! Je-yo!! That's so knavish because it sounds just like Joe so the American people changed it to Joe! Joe is such a random normal obscure name and it just makes us laugh when we think about it!!


2. Ikkakumon.
Well, it might not be Ikkakumon but it could just be the fact that Gomamon Digivolves to Ikkakumon. Don't ask WHY we find this humorous. It could the be the fact that he sounds so stupid when he says it and just way to enthusiastic. Seriously, we'll just randomly spit out "GOMAMON DIGIVOLVE TO...IKKAKUMON!!!" Or sometimes we'll just make some random Digimon Digivolve into Ikkakumon!!

3. His son.
ARGH!! I cannot STAND Jyou Jr.!! He's so stupid looking!! He's just like AHUCK!! I want him to PERISH!! He's fat and old and uncute and I wish an early perishing upon him!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

4. He's a neglected frog.
Okay, we admit that we kind of made this one up but still. It's JYOU!! The fact that we chose JYOU of all the random characters to just ignore and make a neglected frog makes us laugh. He's so neglected.

5. Chigau Boku ga Iru.
Something about this song. It's so great and prodigious and it's one of our favorite songs even though we love making fun of it for many reasons: a) He tries way to hard at one point. b) There's a ballet in the middle of it. c) His minion singers are knaves. But even though we make fun of all these things, we still cherish this song and worship it like a god.

6. His hair.
Though it's probably one of the most normal looking hair of all of them (besides the fact that it's blue), we still make fun of it because it's really short and normal looking. Also, in 02 we want to murder his hair now that it's long and dumb and STILL blue. His idol is Dwain (Sora's "cousin") because Dwain's hair is just that way.

7. His voice.
Mainly just the Japanese voice. He sounds really knavish at points like in the movie when he said "TAICHI!!" we just laughed at him. Oh and..."DOUMO!!"

It's JYOU!! How many things about one character can humor you?! Jyou is a knave but everything he does is funny!! Not funny ha-ha but funny OH WHAT A STUPID KNAVE!!