Have you hugged your Tai today?
Poor Tai! So Much Abuse!
Poor Tai. He has gone through SO much. After all of those daring rescues of the numorous times Sora has been captured, Tai hoped that someday Sora would at least like him enough to go to Matt's concert with him. But Sora decided that she wanted to blow Tai off for none other than Matt!

How many times has Matt saved Sora?! Once is all I can think of when she was in that stupid little cave and it's not like she was actually in danger. I'm not saying Matt's a bad person because he is superior but Tai deserved Sora more even though Sora's a knave.

I dislike Sora strongly. I like Tai and Matt. But it makes me sad to think of how Tai felt when Sora said to him: "No, I want to be free just in case Matt's available. *GIGGLE*" That's just like saying "No, I like Matt more than I like you. *GIGGLE*"

Tai's made it more than obvious that he likes Sora. I can't think of a single time when Matt's even talked to Sora let alone shown his affection towards her. Ever since the beginning you always think that Tai and Sora would go together. (But Matt and Sora end up getting married. UM!!)

Tai was being such a good sport about being blown off.

Now imagine how Tai felt after Sora blew him off? He probably felt REALLY BAD. But did Sora care? Probably not. She was too busy swooning over Matt who probably doesn't even like her yet.

So, Tai feels sad. What do you do when someone feels sad? You hug them. Hug Tai. Make him feel better.

If you want, you can take this banner so that Tai will feel better.

OR, you could take THIS banner to make Sora feel WORSE!!

Either one helps Tai.

Or you could just use this one. It doesn't PLAINLY say that you hate Sora for THAT reason but hey, who really cares?!

And does this have ANYTHING to do Tai and that horrible Christmas day?! NOPE!! OH WELL!! Too bad we had to cross out Matt...

Art by Link
AND (we're saying and again) here's another one you can use.

And even though Tai is just a cartoon character, he can still look at the list of people who want to make him feel better or who wouldn't mind sticking Sora in an open sewer face-down.