The Wuv is There! The Wuv is There!
The Wuv is There!!
As a quick note before this page starts...
YES, this is a page centered entirely around the accursed characters from Tamers. But if we get a SINGLE e-mail or comment with someone telling us that we have "finally come around" then we will send that person a HORRIBLE internet virus!! Actually, we can't really do that but you know what we CAN do?! Take your screen name and/or nick name, post it on the site and then declare your love to Jyou!! Yee be warned.
The Wuv is There!! Yes, the wuv IS there! Where you ask? THERE!! Kenta and Kazu: The Wuv is There!

We have seen about one episode with Kenta and Kazu in it and only after seeing that one episode we have easily come to the conclusion that Kenta and Kazu have some serious love vibes transmitting. This means that if you are a hardcore Tamers fan, then you MUST know that Kenta and Kazu are MORE than just really good friends! THEY ARE LOVERS!! THE WUV IS THERE!!!

Here is our desktop as of right now.

And here are a few banners to show that we acknowledge the wuv.

They sleep together, they bathe together, they kiss each other and they repel down a bottomless pit on Azulongmon's beard together. So yes, it's all right if you take these banners and IT IS OKAY to use our desktop so you may gaze upon their love every single day. And that's all we can really say about these two. WE SUPPORT THEM AND THEIR CHOICES!!!