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How did you find my page?
Which 01 straight Digimon couple is the best?

Which 02 straight Digimon couple is the best?

Which 01 non straight Digimon couple is the best?

Which 02 non straight Digimon couple is the best?

Best non-Digimon anime couple:
Since Sora was such a butt to Tai, and she WANTS Matt, who do you think she should have INSTEAD?

Do any Digimon actually love each other?

Who, besides any Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT character, should turn into a Super Saiyan?
Who does Derek Steven Prince do the best job voicing?
Who, of the following, should die?
For what reason?
What should be their fate?
Who has the dumbest voice?
Out of the originals, who doesn't show enough in 02?
Who do you think got married first?
Is Tai going to kill Sora someday?
How shall he do it?
Is Adult Sora secretly having an affair with Adult Jyou?
Was that just ONE to many questions about the hated one?
Which Digimon character would you like to see in a bathing suit?:
If you were to create you're ultimate Digimon character, which characters would you smoosh together for what personality traits and why?

Do you think that Yolei and Cody were upset that Willard's Digimon could Golden Armor Digivolve but theirs couldn't? Why or why not?

What do you usually do to people who don't like Digimon?
Then what do you do when you realize that they think that Digimon is a spoof of Pokemon...?
Has anything tramatizing happened in Digimon that has scarred you for life? What?

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