Jyou is a neglected frog. Don't you agree?
The page of Frogginess!!
You know, if you were to write a Digimon fanfiction story, the characted that could most easily be left out would be Joe. I mean, does he EVER say anything important? Or DO anything important? The only thing that's important about him is that Gomamon Digivolves to Ikkakumon and that's not even HIM!!

Okay, here's the origin of Joe the Neglected Frog.

No one likes Joe. Not even little kids. Let's say you were babysitting two little kids and they were watching Mary Poppins and you're bored. So you pick up all your stuffed animals and give each of them names. All the names just so happen to be the Digidestined.

The penguin teeny beenie they got from McDonalds is called Izzy. It makes a good Izzy, being all small and cute.

The purple teletubbie about the size of your hand makes a good Tai. Tinky-Winky is the leader and so is Tai and at the time, you hate Tai as much as you hate Tinky-Winky which is a whole lot.

The Sing and Snore Ernie you decide makes a good TK. Why? You don't know. You don't care either because you don't like 01 TK all that much and you don't know about 02 TK quite yet.

The little bulldog stuffed animal about the size of your forearm makes a pretty little Matt doll. All mad and angry looking.

The two giant bears about the size of your upper bodies make good a good Mimi and a good Sora. The one with 'Love' written on it with the red sweater you decide can be Sora and the other in purple can be Mimi.

The gigantic triceritops bigger than the kid you babysit over in the corner can be Kari. You don't really know that much about her but you know you hate her and you don't want to include her since the triceritops is too big to play with.

Joe...hm...you completely forgot about and half way through the game you pick up an ugly, dirty little frog doll with removable clothes and a velcro camera that was made in Spain. It was the closest doll so without thought, you dub it Joe.

After a while, the kids you babysit for want in on the game. They want to hold certain "Digidestined". You offer Joe to them but the older one just throws him over in the corner of nothingness. You are too lazy to stand up and retrieve him so you call him neglected. He is a neglected frog over in the corner.

Weeks later, you decide to write a story. At first, you want to have everyone in it but about half way through the story...that there's SEVEN Digidestined...NOT SIX!! You check back and realize that you forgot a certain neglected frog...Joe. You don't want to add him and hope that nobody notices.

Stories later...

You are forgetting Joe intentionally.

Stories later...

Joe shows up occasionally as "The mysterious kid with blue hair and glasses" and is soon forgotten.

Stories later...

You start to not even mention Joe.

Stories later...

You decide you want to have Joe in one story. So you put him in one. Half way through, you forget that you were trying to include him. You laugh for about an hour and just pretend like you weren't including him to begin with.

Later, you discover that even the card makers agree and think that Joe is a neglected frog. They forgot to put him on the back of the "Selected Kids!" card. They also forgot to put Ikkakumon on the Champions card.

Strive your memory...remember the commerical A LONG TIME AGO that said "Digimon; the story of six kids..." etc. SIX kids? You're assuming they forgot Joe. They must have made the same mistake that you did!

By now, you're feeling kind of sorry for Joe. He barely even shows up in 02 anymore and he wasn't even in the movie. So you write a story with him in it. You find yourself making up excuses for him not being there and in the end, you say he was pissing you off and you kill him. You no longer feel sorry for Joe because you realize how stupid he looks with long hair.

You soon realize that you laugh every time you see him. You don't know why, but just something about him makes you laugh. Then you start to convince yourself that you hate him.

To think, all this started with a little game you wanted to play during Mary Poppins.

Oh by the way, here's a lovely picture that our friend Kinayo-chan drew do honor Jyou's frogginess and stupidity:

Thanks again!! Other pictures are welcome!
Jyou tried to draw us a lovely picture too but, because he's such a knave, he failer miserably.