You Never Know
You Never Know!!

Now that you have absolutely NO idea what our site is about because of this "click to enter" on the psychotic fish that we have slapped our logo on to enter!!

You know, some where, out there, there is a subliminal message in this psychotic fish that proves that Izzy and Matt are brothers. I have not found it yet. Maybe you will.


Actually, he doesn't PROTECT it but he does control it.  It's okay though, as long as he doesn't control the weather.

A privelage only few may have.

Because you only honk for the one you love. BECAUSE!!!

Because it's just SO obvious.

Maniacal Matt

You're not staying on this page long but you wanna just change the background color for fun? Click on the name of the Digidestined who has the color of the crest that you want the background to be.

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Sniff sniff. I wish I was mayor of Jyou's Digimon Fun Palace. Not Jyou! He doesn't deserve it but I do!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I SHOULD BE MAYOR!! AHA!! I know!! VOTE FOR ME TO BE MAYOR OF JYOU'S DIGIMON FUN PALACE!!! AND WE CAN OVER THROW JYOU AND EVEN KILL HIM!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!